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Hi there everybody who entered on my deviant.
I discovered this page accidently some time ago, and now i fought that ill create an account here.

Something about me:
Im a novice artist, im trying to learn the ropes of the drawing.
I have a lot of redrawn pictures, but i think i wont upload them here, because people would say saomething like: " hey!! You didnt draw it!! Its not yours you copied it!". I've put those drawing on my blog, but a lot of that kind comments apeered, even that I wroted at post that the drawing were drawn from pictures/drawing of another artist and so on, but people guess dont read and dont see that messeges. And  still stealing somebodys idea and so on from that pictures.
So im gonna upload here i think only something I really drawn.
I like manga style, but fantasy I think its better for me, because i dont tend to stay clean on my drawings , i do to much lines and so on.
Sometimes i color my drawing, in photoshop or with pastels (quite very new with that but its fun).

So when im gonna put something here i hope you like it, and have in mind that im not professional artist, and i have VERY much to learn , and often little time for it. So the drawings arent great.


Tomas Leonowicz

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shortArtist Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
Hey you've got some nice stuff. Welcome to DA
Leonidasus Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2011
Thanks,well im still learing, when im gonna feel that my skills are better il try to draw something nice. BUt still i dont feel to good for that :).
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